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Building forests since 1995

Our philosophy: giving forests a value

Forests have always simply “been there”, this is the attitude man has taken towards nature for centuries. Forests have produced wood for us and have looked after our groundwater, and we have taken it for granted. Forests are home to many plant and animal species and we exploited this fact. Now, forests, like nature as a whole, are becoming a scarce (economic) resource.

The last remaining patches of virgin forest must be rigorously protected. Many charitable organisations such as “Robin Wood” or “Greenpeace” play a central role in forest preservation and need to be supported in their efforts. At ForestFinance we believe that the long-term protection (and establishment) of ecologically-sound, sustainable working forests is the only global, mainstream approach to prevent chemical and profit dominated forestry. We do not follow the “donations to save the rainforest” route; we have developed a sustainable forestry system which benefits all stakeholders.

What industrial chemical-agriculture is to tree-free soil layers, monoculture “turbo” trees are to forests. These are not forests, but forest factories. In contrast, we are establishing as many ecologically-sound, sustainable forests as possible. All stakeholders in a real and sustainable forestry investment model need make a contribution towards the outcome. Nobody should be a donor and nobody should receive donations. Instead, all stakeholders should benefit from the value added to the forest – which includes earning money.

For this reason we aim to motivate people in rich industrial countries, without appealing to their greed, to make an investment which will be both financially and economically rewarding. At the same time we continue creating stable, lasting employment, under fair conditions, for people in developing countries. Our forest investors can expect good, fair returns, and equal treatment, we do not believe in unconditional shareholder value creation. We focus on the future of your investment as a tool for improving the future of the world.

About us

The ForestFinance Group disposes of 25 years of experience in TreeSavings, the development and operation of sustainable forest products. ForestFinance has planted ecological mixed forests in Panama since the ’90s. Further projects are located in Vietnam, Colombia and Peru.

It is our goal to convert the value of these certified and sustainably managed forests into economic and ecological investment products.

We are an international company that offers global direct investments in ecological reforestation and sustainable forest products for private and institutional investors.



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ForestFinance receives the German CSR Award 2018

ForestFinance was honoured with the German CSR Award 2018 in the “Global Responsibility” category. The judges acknowledged our concept of sustainable (agro-) forestry and highlighted the company’s transparent practices which extend through all areas of our operations. The award shows once more that our corporate philosophy means a win win win for all parties involved: nature, people on site at our project locations and, of course, our investors.



Make a difference and reap the benefits

Our customer base, over 22,000 customers, has access to a wide range of products – all based on sustainable forest management, with varying minimum investment amounts.

All of our employees strive to find the perfect balance between high-yielding investments and socially and ecologically meaningful business activities. Our international forest products are an excellent first step for anyone interested in growing wealth while preserving values.





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“We received a warm welcome and our overall impression was that the forest areas are very well-managed.
I would like to thank ForestFinance for organising a guided trip through the cocoa forests. The weather was nice and the people were very friendly”, says Werner Tochtermann who visited the ForestFinance cocoa forest in Almirante, Bocas del Toro, Panama in early 2017.