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Building forests since 1995

Alternative and sustainable investments ...

... is what ForestFinance has been making possible for 25 years, for both small and large budgets. More than 25,000 people have already invested with us – together we are pursuing the goal of combining returns and positive impact through sustainable investments. We share common values and the vision of creating forests and sustainable agroforestry systems worldwide. As suppliers of wood and fruit, sustainable sources of energy, gene pools for plants and animals and protected areas for water and air, they are all gaining enormous importance and commercial value for all those who invest in them.

We build forests

We are convinced that forests can only be preserved through new forests since forests, like nature as a whole, has become a scarce resource. Rapid deforestation has catastrophic consequences for the environment, the climate and the entire world population. We believe that the permanent protection and reforestation of sustainably managed forests is the only way to reverse these consequences. We are building forests for people who want to make a positive difference with a sustainable investment and generate returns without exploiting people and the environment. Forests are a natural economic system that generates monetary returns with wood and fruit and at the same time provides jobs in emerging or developing countries. But forests are much more than that: our green lung, recreation areas, habitats, water filters, shelters and important CO2 reservoirs.


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We make organic farming

We believe that good food can also be produced well – without violating nature or human rights. Organic farming and sustainable agroforestry guarantee this. Investments in organic farming are a way to push forward a necessary change and are still very rarely offered. We at ForestFinance offer you the opportunity to invest in the cultivation of organic olives, organic dates and guaranteed sustainably produced fine cocoa – an (almost) unique opportunity to combine sustainable impact with yield and enjoyment.


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We make timber

We plant, maintain, harvest and sell precious woods in Panama. We reforest acacias in Colombian savannahs to make them fertile again and are planning on selling the biomass locally for energy production. We even make gifts out of wood in our own wood processing facility – and thus have a large selection of products ready for everyone who wants to do good – all green and fair.


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ForestFinance receives the German CSR Award 2018

Do good and reap the benefits, too: we have been following this principle in all our activities for 25 years now. In 2018, ForestFinance was honoured with the German CSR Award in the “Global Responsibility” category. The judges acknowledged our concept of sustainable (agro-) forestry and highlighted the company’s transparent practices which extend through all areas of our operations. For us, corporate social responsibility is not just a passing trend, but a corporate principle from the very beginning.

At the award ceremony, we and our philosophy were presented with a film. A nice insight into the world of ForestFinance, which we would like to share with you!

Video by: Orab Films / ForestFinance; concept/editing: forStory (Munich)

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