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For 25 years the ForestFinance Group has been a successful provider of ecological forest investments. Today, more than 25,000 customers trust in the products of ForestFinance and its business model, which is unique throughout Europe. Since its foundation in 1995, the company has planted over 10,000,000 trees and has been free of any debts.

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ForestFinance grows fine flavour cocoa in Panama and Peru, always in compliance with high social standards and guaranteed free of child labour. In order to properly communicate our sustainable activities to the public, ForestFinance cocoa projects bear the UTZ label, in Panama since 2014 and in Peru since 2018. The UTZ label is only featured on coffee, cocoa and tea which have been farmed sustainably and which meet the social and ecological requirements of the UTZ programme. This also includes fair working conditions according to ILO standards (International Labour Organization).

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ForestFinance is the only German provider of forest investments that has already paid out six-figure revenues, and continues with yearly payouts, from its own forests to the investors. In 2007, the money was distributed to the company’s first customers who invested in the ’90s. ForestFinance also generates proceeds from cocoa and banana plant sales, which are paid out to investors on a regular basis.

The Forest Finance Service GmbH operates according to the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 guidelines, ensuring constant optimisation of corporate structures, processes and procedures. For our employees these guidelines form the basis of more transparent operational workflows and the early identification of potential sources of error.

ForestFinance highly prioritises the principles of sustainability. All ForestFinance forests and cocoa forest areas correspond to the standards of a certified sustainable forestry management. Our measures to protect biodiversity and the sustainable management of natural resources considerably exceed official standards – and so does our social commitment.

ForestFinance forests in Panama and Colombia are insured against fire during the first more risky five years, when the bark is too thin to survive without sustaining damage. Moreover, ForestFinance commits to replant bad developed trunks and perished trees during the first five years of growing at no additional cost or further loss.

Not only nature and climate benefit from our ecological biodiverse mixed forests in Panama and Peru, but also the investor himself. A ForestFinance forest includes up to seven different fine woods and a selection of 50 additional, different local species. In contrast to monocultures, this portfolio model enables us to flexibly react on the timber market and it also contributes to minimise the risks. In comparison to monocultures, the high level of biodiversity in our mixed forests and cocoa forests minimises the risks of pest infections and diseases. For instance, ForestFinance forests host numerous species of birds, which in turn live on the harmful insects. Thus, in comparison to monoculture, only a minimal use of chemicals is necessary. In Colombia, ForestFinance acacia forests are in the process of being transformed into mixed forests.





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