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Coporate climate protection made easy with our ProtectionForest: together with us and for only 5 euros you can protect 5 square metres of this precious forest for half a century. It is also a perfect gift which makes it possible to preserve the environment and to protect the climate for future generations.

Would you like to protect even more rainforest as a company? Perhaps you have a special request regarding your individual certificate or circle of recipients? With the service we provide we can help you and your colleagues set an example for climate protection.

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Green on the outside – and green on the inside? Companies are finally rethinking their strategies regarding environmental and climate protection. Photo: Pixabay


By now, everyone must know that our actions are leaving a mark on this planet. The industrial economy in particular has a great responsibility towards our society to rethink their activities. In this article you can read how companies can protect the climate and build forests at the same time.

Efficient energy use

The efficient use of energy is a first important step towards climate protection. Depending on the company and the workplace, there are of course considerable differences in energy requirements. The following applies to office equipment of all kinds: repair it before you replace it. Pay attention to energy efficiency when buying new equipment – quality labels and seals can help with your decision-making process.

Heating and ventilation

Heating systems have the highest energy consumption in most office and administration buildings. Therefore, make sure to maintain a reasonable room temperature. 20 degrees Celsius are usually sufficient for work space areas. For an additional one degree Celsius, about six per cent more energy is needed!


Corporate mobility plays a major role when it comes to growing CO2 emissions. Business trips as well as regular trips to work should therefore be designed to be as efficient as possible to reduce the company’s carbon footprint. Management can encourage the use of public transport by providing their employees with job tickets, travels by bus and train if possible as well as company car sharing models to increase corporate climate awareness.

Renewable energies

The use of renewable energies is a very important step towards climate protection. It can reduce the corporate carbon footprint by a great amount. Green electricity is becoming more and more relevant worldwide and also for companies. A study by the International Renewable Energy Agency found that out of 2,400 large companies from 75 countries, 200 already obtain at least 50 per cent of their electricity from renewable sources. Certified green electricity is a must for climate protection. However, it is important to consider the electricity source and the supplier, as well.

Office supplies

Business cards, shipping material or copy paper: wherever paper is concerned you should switch to recycled paper, since the production of pulp and mechanical pulp for paper has a detrimental impact on the environment. However, paper is not the only issue. Refillable ballpoint pens, certified wood for floors and furniture and as little plastic and packaging material as possible help to improve the corporate carbon footprint.

Carbon footprint and what remains of it

Emissions that cannot be further reduced or avoided will remain behind in most cases since climate neutrality is still difficult to achieve and time is short. The carbon footprint measures the CO2 emissions caused by a company, a product or a project. Anything that cannot be further reduced or avoided should be offset.


Your company can support our forests

Emissions that you cannot avoid should therefore be offset and bound. And who does that best? Forests, of course!

Whether it comes to storing and filtering water, protecting the soil from erosion or producing renewable raw materials such as wood – forests are quite valuable. However, the most important function for humans and animals is the absorption of the harmful greenhouse gas carbon dioxide and the subsequent production of oxygen, without which we could not exist.


Companies taking climate action

Companies are facing new challenges on a daily basis. Not only do they need to have a sense for technological and economic developments, but also for social and cultural ones. Entrepreneurial action always means weighing all risks and deciding which actions to take in the present to achieve success in the future. This also applies to our climate. If we continue to operate as before, our blue planet will soon no longer be habitable. Climate and environmental protection as well as the sustainable use of natural resources must therefore be a main issue, especially for the economy. But what does corporate climate protection mean? What aspects can be implemented and what opportunities are there?

First of all, it makes sense to take a closer look at everyday processes and get an overview of the areas in which improvements can be made: how much paper is being printed, how much coffee is being brewed and how much electricity is consumed? The devil is often in the details. In many areas, changes can be implemented quickly. Here, you can find a small overview:

Climate action through forest protection: this is how forests store CO2.



Besides the afforestation of new forest areas, it is particularly important to protect and preserve existing forest areas that function as valuable carbon sinks. This is why we want to support companies that are committed to forests and the environment. Our ProtectionForest in “Los Monos” at the heart of Panama makes it possible. It is a lively and species-rich rainforest in the Chiriquí province. The ProtectionForest is not only home to capuchin monkeys, mangrove trees and numerous parrot species, it is also our most important climate protector. On our website you can see for yourself how many kilograms of CO2 can be bound with the forest area protected by you.


Forests and CO2 in figures and trees

How forests function as CO2 reservoirs:







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