Rainforest as a gift

Rainforest as a gift

Lena wants to help save trees


Lena is nine years old and all she wants for Christmas is a tree. That way she wants to help protect the rainforest. We would like to explain how a tree sponsorship with an individual certificate works and how you can gift a whole share of rainforest and at the same time protect it. A sustainable gift for all those who are still looking for something special.


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Would you like to give away more than just one tree? How about a share of our ProtectionForest?

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Lena and the rainforest

Lena is nine years old and has learned in school that the rainforest is threatened and with it countless rare animals. Satellite images show that between 1990 and 2000 four million hectares of rainforest were lost each year. A number so big that Lena can hardly imagine it - but she knows how big a football field is. Per minute an area about the size of 35 of these fields still falls victim to the saw.

Every day around the clock. Fortunately, there are many people and organisations who can explain to her how the rainforest "works", why it is so important and what she can do to help protecting it. Environmental organisations such as Greenpeace and the WWF provide very good information that shows children and adults what they can do to protect forests.

Lena wants to do something: against deforestation, for the animals. And she definitely can!

To protect the rainforest, many things can already be changed in everyday life. For example, you can purchase recycled paper and sustainable wood products, avoid palm oil and eat less meat. But Lena wants to do more than that and that is why she wants her own tree as a gift for her birthday, preferably in the rainforest.


The GiftTree – a tree sponsorship which creates forests and brings joy

Her grandparents want to fulfil this wish and give her a piece of rainforest as a gift. They were looking for a suitable gift for their granddaughter and when they came across the GiftTree by ForestFinance they were quite surprised: with the GiftTree they can provide for Lena’s future and protect forest at the same time. The GiftTree is a special tree sponsorship. It not only supports climate protection, but also creates new habitats for animals and plants and improves the social conditions in rural regions of Panama.


In addition, it generates revenue for Lena. The tree is planted on formerly bare land, maintained ecologically and sustainably and harvested after 25 years in a way that the neighbouring trees are not damaged. What is so special about it? We harvest without clear-cutting. Thus, a permanent, new tropical mixed forest comes into existence at the same time. The tree is sold to wood processors and thus protects the rainforests. Its wood, which originates from certified, ecological cultivation, takes the trade pressure from the few still existing woods from rainforests.




The tropical forest at home: Lena visits her tree

Lena can now even visit her tree and see where it grows on a virtual map. Videos and photos show her that, together with many other GiftTrees, it forms a forest that offers a new home to many animal and plant species. In 25 years Lena will be happy again: then she will receive the yield generated from her GiftTree. What it actually means to give away rainforest protection gifts with ForestFinance and to invest with us is explained is this video!

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With the GiftTree you purchase or give away an individual share of a growing tropical forest in Panama - for only 59 euros.

ForestFinance mixed forest in Panama from above.

Rainforest protection in everyday life

  • Use recycled paper
    Paper consists of cellulose obtained from trees. Using paper sensibly, not wasting it and using recycled paper therefore protects the forest.
  • Pay attention when buying furniture
    When Lena's parents buy furniture, they should look for seals that ensure that the wood comes from sustainable sources and is certified.
  • Avoid palm oil
    A critical look at instant meals and products and their ingredients is also important. Usually, a tropical rainforest in Southeast Asia has to make way for palm oil plantations.
  • Eat less meat
    It is better to eat little and high-quality organic meat because on the one hand tropical forest is cut down for cattle pastures, on the other hand animals in this country are fattened with fodder which is cultivated on clear-cut forest areas.


For those who would like to gift a whole share of rainforest instead of just one tree, we would like to present our ProtectionForest.

The ProtectionForest “Los Monos” lies at the heart of Panama. It is a lively and species-rich rainforest in the Chiriquí province. The ProtectionForest is not only home to capuchin monkeys, mangrove trees and numerous parrot species, it is also our most important climate protector. Although Panama is only one fifth the size of Germany, there are more plant species there today than in North America and Europe combined. These include, for example, over 1,000 different tree and 300 orchid species. But this treasure is threatened: vast areas of Panama, once covered by forests, have fallen victim to cattle breeding. This is an ecological disaster because every extinct animal or plant species is irretrievably lost. Since the tropical rainforest is home to almost 75 percent of the world's animal and plant species, it harbours an enormous diversity of species that has hardly been recorded to date. The goal of our ProtectionForest project is to protect and conserve them.

Together with us and for only 5 euros you can protect 5 square metres of this precious forest for half a century. It is also a perfect gift which makes it possible to preserve the environment and to protect the climate for future generations.

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