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Sponsor a cocoa tree and harvest chocolate

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Five bars of ForestFinest fine quality chocolate

For environmental protection and social fairness

Your chocolate tree sponsorship

Your ChocolateTree sponsorship in Peru


Your return will melt in your mouth: for just 40 euros, you can purchase a cocoa tree sponsorship for a tree which grows in a sustainably managed cocoa forest in San Martín, Peru. You can give it to yourself or to a loved one of your choice.

You will become a chocolate tree sponsor and receive five bars of quality chocolate made of finest ForestFinance cocoa and an individual planting certificate. Plus, we guarantee to maintain your tree for at least 25 years.


We are building forests – join us!


From tree to bar: single origin chocolate

1. Your ChocolateTree grows in our sustainably managed cocoa forest in San Martín, Peru. 2. The cococa trees are carefully cared for until the harvest. 3. The cocoa beans are then fermented and dried in our cocoa processing facility. 4. Finally, the fine cocoa beans are brought to our partner chocolate manufacturers who create deliciously fine chocolates.



Your ChocolateTree and its benefits

  • You receive five bars of chocolate made from ForestFinance cocoa
  • You receive a planting certificate with the GPS data of the finca where your sponsored cocoa tree grows
  • Your ChocolateTree grows in a guaranteed sustainably managed cocoa forest
  • Your sponsorship stands for environmental protection and guarantees permanent and fair jobs in rural regions


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Note: During summertime and high temperatures above 24 degree Celsius, the shipping of your ChocolateTree may be delayed for a few days (we will wait for cooler times!). In this case we will gladly send you your certificate in advance by e-mail!






For detailed information please see our ChocolateTree brochure.

Individual ChocolateTree certificate and chocolate bars from fine cocoa.

Sustainable and truly socially fair

ForestFinance cocoa does not grow in plantations, but in a real forest, together with various trees and plants. The mixed culture is crucial for the high quality of our cocoa, which you can smell, see and taste. Your cocoa tree is sustainably cultivated, from the planting until the cocoa harvest.

With your ChocolateTree you help creating fair jobs with above-average income in rural regions of Peru. We guarantee that the children of our employees go to school instead of working on cocoa plantations like so many others.



Learn more about forests and people at ForestFinance

Learn more about our investment location in Peru

Find out more about the people who work in Peru and see for yourself what our cocoa forest looks like, in which your tree grows.
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Make a difference and reap the benefits, too.

We are building forests – join us!

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