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Oasis 1 | Investing in organic farming

Sustainable investment in organic olives and dates


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A fair investment in organic agriculture

Creating biodiversity

Positive impact on local and global climate

Impact investing in organic farming

Oasis 1 is a socially responsible investment with a positive impact! With Oasis 1 you invest in the establishment of an agroforestry system with organic olives and organic dates in Morocco. It is a high-return investment in organic farming which, at the same time, creates benefits for the climate, the environment and the local people. 



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Sustainable impact investing

With Oasis 1 you invest in the ecologically and socially sustainable cultivation of olive trees and date palms for the production of high-quality organic olives and dates.

At our project location in Morocco, one half of your Oasis 1 area is planted with date palms and the other half is planted with olive trees, in accordance with the guidelines of organic farming.

You will receive the proceeds from the sale of the olives (oil and pomace) and dates as well as the proceeds from the sale of the productive olive trees and date palms at the end of the contract term.


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Olive trees are planted in Morocco.

Turning the desert into an oasis

date palm

date palms growing in Morocco
Date palms near the ForestFinance areas in Morocco
irrigation system in desert
A sustainable irrigation system is greening an arid area
freshly harvested olives
Freshly-harvested olives

Oasis in the Drâa-Tafilalet region
Oasis in the Drâa-Tafilalet region, where ForestFinance will implement the project
olive seedlings
Olive seedlings on nearby areas





Sustainable planting

A is for Acacia - Z is for Zapatero: our tree encyclopaedia provides information on which trees we plant in which project area and also which characteristics the planted tree species bear.


Discover our tree encyclopaedia

A high-return, fair and ecological investment

Why invest in organic olives?

The consumption of olive oil has been increasing steadily for decades: While 1.4 million tons of oil were produced in 1990, ten years later it was already 2.6 and today it is more than 3.1 million tons. With Oasis 1 ForestFinance is going to plant two varieties: Arbequina and Arbosana. They are characterised by a spicy flavour, high resilience and high productivity. Market analysts expect a growing demand as well as a shortage in the supply of olive oil (especially organic quality). Thus, we expect good prices and harvest yields.

Why invest in organic dates?

Morocco harvests around 110,000 tons of dates annually, but still has to cover 30 per cent of its date demand with imports. As demand for dates far exceeds supply, more and more large, industrially operated plantations are replacing traditional cultivation - not only in Morocco. With Oasis 1 we want to support traditional, sustainable cultivation, combined with organic farming. The Medjool date cultivated by ForestFinance in Morocco is one of the most popular varieties worldwide. Organic dates cost on average up to ten euros more per kilo than conventionally produced ones.









Why is this investment in organic farming sustainable and fair?

  • Creating permenent jobs in rural areas of Morocco
  • Fair pay and social benefits for all employees
  • An arid  area is greened with a modern, sustainable irrigation system
  • More biodiversity due to agroforestry system managed according to organic guidelines
  • Oasis 1 will have a positive impact on the local and global climate


For more information please also read our risk disclaimer and FAQ.

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Do good and benefit from it.

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