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Oasis 1

Investment in organic olives and dates


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A fair investment in organic agriculture

Contract term of approx. six years

Investment starting at 4,120 euros

Organic cultivation of desert crops


With Oasis 1 you invest in the establishment of an agroforestry system with olive trees and date palms in Morocco. This way you commit to sustainable, organic agriculture and regional development and can achieve regular returns from the sale of olives and dates. After an estimated six years we will sell the fully productive olive trees and date palms and pay the proceeds to you.

Organic olives and dates are in demand: the price of olive oil has been rising for years, by almost 40 percent in 2017 alone. Morocco harvests around 110,000 tonnes of dates annually, but still has to import 30 per cent of its date consumption. The Medjool date cultivated by ForestFinance in Morocco is one of the most popular varieties worldwide.


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This is how your sustainable investment works:

You decide how much agroforest you want to build with us.


Please note: numbers and percentages (decimal points) are displayed according to the German way of writing.


For more information please contact our customer service.

Investing in organic agriculture

Oasis 1 consists of two contract parts: a property lease contract and a forestry and administration services contract. One hectare of Oasis 1 is planted with date palms on 0.5 hectares and olive trees on 0.5 hectares. You can choose the size of the property in 0.2 hectare steps.

You invest in the ecologically and socially sustainable cultivation of olive trees and date palms for the production of high-quality olives and dates according to the guidelines of organic agriculture.

The Oasis 1 project area is located in the Errachidia region of Morocco, where ForestFinance plants and cultivates olive trees and date palms on 200 hectares each. In the sparsely populated desert regions, oases are people's livelihoods. For thousands of years they have been closely linked to the culture of the country. At the same time, they form a natural barrier against progressive desertification. The date palms serve as shade plants and offer sun protection to fruit trees that are later planted underneath.


For detailed information please see our Oasis 1 brochure.

Oasis landscape in Morocco.

Yield developments and forecasts

Your investment finances the establishment of the agroforest during the first four years. Based on the selected olive and date varieties and the planned cultivation method, we assume that the olive trees will bear first fruits in year three and the harvest quantities can be increased annually. The olives are processed into olive oil, which also produces olive pomace. The first date harvest is expected in year six.

The proceeds from the olive harvest will prospectively be paid out to you annually from the third year onwards. The best harvesting times are determined by the agroforestry management on site. The chart shows the yields that are possible within a normal development. After about six years the olive trees reach full production and the date palms bear fruit. This means that they achieve the best possible prices on the market. At this point they are sold and the proceeds are paid out to you.

On the basis of the of the anticipated quantities, qualities and sales prices, net sales of a total of 27,290 euros per hectare are expected after the deduction of the project costs for years five and six (presumably a total of 4,040 euros per hectare). This corresponds to a total cash return of 132 per cent and a return of 5.1 per cent (IRR*).

With Oasis 1 you invest in a natural raw material. Success therefore depends on natural factors such as climate, soil, etc., which influence the harvest quantity and quality as well as the sales revenues achievable on the market. Every change of a calculation parameter (e.g. harvest quantity, quality, price) has an influence on the overall result.





Click to enlarge! A detailed description of the opportunities and risks of this investment can be found in our brochure

*IRR (Internal Rate of Return) is a method of dynamic investment calculation which is used to calculate the average annual return.

Please also read our FAQ and risk disclaimer.

Turning the desert into an oasis

date palm

date palms growing in Morocco
Date palms near the ForestFinance areas in Morocco
irrigation system in desert
A sustainable irrigation system is greening an arid area
freshly harvested olives
Freshly-harvested olives

Oasis in the Drâa-Tafilalet region
Oasis in the Drâa-Tafilalet region, where ForestFinance will implement the project
olive seedlings
Olive seedlings on nearby areas

Oasis 1: ecological and social benefits

  • Creation of permanent jobs in rural areas of Morocco
  • Fair pay and social benefits for all employees
  • An arid area is greened with a modern, sustainable irrigation system
  • More biodiversity due to agroforestry system managed according to organic guidelines
  • Oasis 1 will have a positive impact on the local and global climate
  • Almost 25 years of experience in afforestation projects and ten years in agroforestry systems


Learn more about forests and people at ForestFinance

Learn more about our investment location Morocco

Anas BaChar, DesertTimber Managing Director and Oasis 1 Project Manager in Morocco.
palm trees

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