About us

Building forests – since 1995


We are building forests

We protect trees, soils and biodiversity

And we protect the climate


We have been doing this for over 25 years on more than 9,000 hectares of land worldwide. More than 27,000 forest conservationists, gamechangers and investors support us. In Europe, we are one of the oldest and leading companies establishing sustainable forest and agroforestry systems.

"Creating value instead of profits -
together, instead of at the expense of others.

Prosperity without destroying the world.

Together with and on behalf of
small and large investors."

Harry Assenmacher, ForestFinance founder

Our vision for a fair tomorrow

Our forests grow for forest and climate protection. Together with thousands of other forest conservationists, we want to preserve forests and ecosystems in order to actively counteract climate change.

Together with our investors, our goal is to combine return and positive impact. We accomplish this with sustainable investments in forests and organic agriculture.

Join us!

We do what we say.

We have planted around 10 million trees.

An accumulated investment volume of around 110 million euros has flowed into all forest and agroforestry projects.

462,625 tons of CO2 are sequestered in our forests in Panama alone.*



We are building forests 

The loss of forests and biodiversity has catastrophic consequences -
for the environment, the climate and the entire world population.
Limiting and reversing these consequences is the challenge of our generations.

What is crucial to securing our liveable future?
Forest protection and afforestation of sustainably managed forests!

I want to protect forests, too!



We do it organic

And we create a balance - between income, good living conditions and environmental protection. Because good and healthy food can also be produced without exploiting nature and people.

How do we drive necessary change?
We combine investments in organic agriculture and agroforestry with sustainable impact, return and great taste.

I would like to learn more about impact investment!



We do climate protection

Forests are the green lungs of the earth. For some they are a place of recreation, for others a habitat. For everyone, they filter air and water, provide shelter and are important carbon stores.

*We bind carbon - the C of the greenhouse gas CO2. How do we do this?
Old, species-rich forests hold the most carbon. We protect them. And we do even more: we cultivate soils and new forests. All forest areas in Panama are certified according to the Gold Standard climate protection standard. Up to and including 2018, this amounts to 462,625 tonnes of CO2. More certified tonnes of CO2 are added every year.

For even more efficient climate protection, we support innovative climate technologies.

I would like to learn more about climate technologies!

We are experts and pioneers in sustainable forest investments.

We have been planting trees on behalf of forest savers and investors since 1995. In our first project country Panama, we are considered pioneers of sustainable forestry and agroforestry. Some of our near-natural commercial forests have been growing there for more than 20 years. They are among the most important seed banks in the region. In Germany and Europe, we are a well-known provider of impact investments and have been committed to sustainable investment in real assets from the very beginning.

We have achieved valuable milestones for forests, organic agriculture and people in recent years, and not only in Panama.


What has the ForestFinance family achieved in recent years with the support of thousands of investors and supporters?

See for yourself.

The faces behind the forests.

We look forward to meeting you!

Here you can find the ForestFinance team.

Awards for our work

ForestFinance-Auszeichnung Edelkakao Panama 2021

The international panel at Cocoa of Excellence values and promotes the entire value chain, flavour diversity and quality of cocoa. The prestigious global competition, which takes place every two years, gives worldwide recognition to producers of high quality cocoa.

Leading experts in sensory evaluation and the chocolate industry come together to award producers of top products.

In the summer of 2021, the samples were tasted and underwent various evaluation stages. Out of 235 samples, ForestFinance Panama 2022 cocoa samples received the bronze award for their high quality and aroma.

> More about Cocoa of Excellence

Woche der Umwelt

On 10 and 11 June, Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier invited to the "Woche der Umwelt" (Week of the Environment) under the motto "So geht Zukunft!" ("This is how the future works") in his official residence in Berlin. ForestFinance was taking part - albeit only digitally - and, together with other exhibitors, presented concepts and ideas for environmental protection virtually on the event's website.

> More information about the Week of the Environment


ForestFinance has been awarded the German CSR Award 2018 in the category "Global Responsibility". The award ceremony took place during the German CSR Forum in Stuttgart. The German CSR Award recognises companies and quasi-companies that assume social responsibility and distinguish themselves through sustainable business practices.

> Click here for the video

The financial magazine FOCUS-MONEY awards ForestFinance fourth place among "Germany's best investment companies" in 2018 with 81.6 out of a possible 100 points. The award is one of the best known in Germany. Since 2000, the magazine FOCUS-MONEY, the successful offshoot of the news magazine FOCUS, has been dealing with both stock market-related financial and general economic topics.

In 2010, Forest Finance Service GmbH was the first German company worldwide to win the FSC™ Global Partner Award in the category "Financial Services". With these awards, the FSC™ (Forest Stewardship Council) honours companies that make a special contribution to promoting the organisation.

"ForestFinance combines investments and ecological, sustainable forestry in a particularly charming way," says Dr Uwe Sayer from FSC Germany, describing the motivation for awarding the prize to ForestFinance.

"I am pleased to be able to present this award to a company that has been managing FSC-certified forests for over ten years."

ForestFinance was awarded the "Ludwig" as "First Winner" for our regional commitment. The prize was awarded for the first time in 2013 by the Bonn/Rhein-Sieg Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK), the regional office of the Oskar Patzelt Foundation and Telekom Deutschland (Value-Added Services Centre). ForestFinance had qualified in advance as one of nine companies from the region for the Germany-wide Grand Prix of Medium-Sized Businesses.

> Find more information here

Forest Finance Service GmbH was awarded the GREEN BRAND in 2015 for its many years of exemplary commitment in the areas of environmental, climate and species protection. ForestFinance is thus the first company from the environmental investment industry in Germany to bear the seal of quality. The international, independent brand marketing organisation GREEN BRANDS regularly awards sustainable products, services and ecologically oriented companies.

The GREEN BRANDS seal of quality honours brands that demonstrably practice ecological sustainability and thus deserve high national and international recognition. Medium-sized companies are the special focus of the GREEN BRANDS jury, which works together with institutions from the fields of environmental and climate protection as well as sustainability, but also from the areas of market research. The regular data comparison is intended to support the awareness for a continuous improvement of values.

The environmental magazine natur+kosmos (since 2012 only "natur"), together with a panel of experts, chose our investment idea "CacaoInvest" as the Zukunftsprojekt (Project of the Future) of the month August. CacaoInvest is an exemplary project "that fulfils ecological, economic and social criteria in equal measure". It combines ecological and social commitment with the claim of a financial return for the investors.

The selection of the award-winning "Projects of the Future" takes place worldwide and in cooperation with representatives from twenty nature, environment and development associations and institutions. The magazine natur+kosmos is considered the oldest and best-known medium on the topics of environmental protection and sustainability in the German-speaking world.

The German Earth Day movement awarded ForestFinance as an "Earth Day Pioneer" in May 2013. The Earth Day Eco-Pioneer award recognises social as well as environmental commitment.

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