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We are building forests

Sustainable investments for a greener future

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Give & protect

For all who care about tomorrow

Sustainable gifts and real rainforest protection

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Investing with purpose: for the environment, climate and species conservation

Alternative investments where social and ecological profit is certain, but also yield is to be achieved - that is the goal of ForestFinance.

Our products, whether sustainable gifts and conservation projects or impact investments, enable sustainable development:

We plant the trees that our climate and we desperately need. Finance organic farming, sustainable forestry, cocoa forest and much more with us!

We have planted around 10 million trees.

An accumulated investment volume of around 110 million euros has flowed into all forest and agroforestry projects.

462,625 tonnes of CO2 are bound in our forests in Panama alone.

Join us in making forest.

 For companies 

Do you also want to become active with your company and take responsibility for climate and environmental protection? We make your commitment visible!


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Give & protect 

Our trees, forests and chocolate trees are unique gifts that stand for climate protection and
social fairness. For everyone who cares about tomorrow.



Impact Investment

We combine impact and return with investments in forests, organic agriculture and agroforestry. With almost 30 years of experience, we are pioneers of green investment in Europe.


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Set an example with your company

We help companies take responsibility for the environment, climate and species protection. As your experienced partner, we develop projects for your company's own climate protection from the areas of reforestation, forest protection and carbonisation.

In addition, we offer sustainable corporate gifts and corporate forests for companies. We are currently expanding our offer for you.

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Sustainable gifts and real rainforest protection

If you are looking for truly sustainable gifts: our tree and forest gifts don't fit into any gift packages, because they grow with and into real forests. Together we plant trees to create new forest. Together we protect ancient forest heritage and harvest the fruits of cocoa forests.

Plant and protect the forest of tomorrow with us.
Anyone and everyone can make forest with us!



Sustainable investment with an experienced partner

Ecological, social and economic effects of economic activity should benefit investors and employees equally and at the same time protect the climate and the environment. We develop investments in forests, agroforests, organic agriculture and climate technology according to these principles. Our goal is to develop a sustainable economic system that benefits all stakeholders.

That is why we offer sustainable investments for every budget.
We are currently working on a new investment offer for you.

Sustainable investment

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