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Sustainable investments in forest reforestation, cocoa forests and organic farming create real value and have a clearly positive impact on society, the environment and the climate. The return comes from renewable, sought-after raw materials and not from speculation on stock exchanges or virtual profits on financial markets.


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NEWS: ForestFinance Green Bond 20/30

Advertisement With the ForestFinance Green Bond 20/30, the ForestFinance Capital GmbH offers a sustainable, listed asset class, while at the same time staying true to the principles of the ForestFinance Group. The ForestFinance Capital GmbH invests exclusively in sustainable projects regarding natural raw materials and their processing. We are particularly pleased that the bond is also investing in renewable energy for the first time!

The ForestFinance Green Bond 20/30 has a term of 10 years until 30 November 2030. It can be subscribed startig at 1,000 euros and bears an interest rate of 5.1 percent p.a.


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