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Investment in fine timber – building sustainable forests


With a ForestSavingsPlan, you invest in reforestation areas in Panama and thus in the raw material wood. Instead of a monoculture, a species-rich mixed forest grows here with predominantly native tree species, which generates income from the sale of those certified fine woods. The ForestSavingsPlan is an ecological investment in the renewable resource wood: for people, climate and biodiversity.

We have been active in Panama since 1995 and have been reforesting forests here for almost 25 years. For you, we mainly plant native tree species on fallow, denatured land and you receive proceeds from the sale of the certified fine timber. ForestSavingsPlan combines ecological reforestation with the creation of new mixed forests - with good chances of returns.


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Invest ecologically with the ForestSavingsPlan


The ForestSavingsPlan is your start to your very own forest! You invest in an ecological mixed forest in Panama and thus in the raw material wood growing there. With our alternative investment, you make forest together with us on formerly fallow, denatured land in Panama and receive the proceeds from the sale of wood after harvesting. ForestSavers maintain forests together with us and assuming a normal investment development, a return of up to 4.6 percent (IRR*) is forecast.

You decide how much forest you want to build and how much yield you want to harvest. You can invest in a ForestSavingsPlan from a minimum of 125 square metres. 


For detailed information please see our ForestSavingsPlan brochure.


*IRR (Internal Rate of Return) is a method of dynamic investment calculation which is used to calculate the average annual return.








Your personal investment in forest binds CO2

The slide bar shows how much you can contribute to the climate and people's livelihoods as a ForestSaver!


Please note: numbers and percentages (decimal points) are displayed according to the German way of writing.

ForestSavingsPlan – step by step




You have read all information regarding the investment and there are no questions left unanswered? Go to your online contract and invest in a ForestSavingsPlan online! You decide how much forest you want to build with us.



With this you invest in mixed forests with primarily native tree species in Panama, which we plant for you. The ForestSavingsPlan is available from an area of 125 square metres starting at 405 euros.

Over the next few years we will take care of your trees and keep you up to date: We regularly report on the growth of your trees and our activities in reports, our newsletter or in the personalised customer area. The first thinnings are expected to take place in the years 13 and 19. These will generate smaller revenues, as they will mainly serve to maintain your forest.


After about 25 years, your trees are finally harvested selectively – without clear cutting, of course, so that a near-natural forest remains. We transfer the income from the marketing of the wood to the account you specify.


For more information, please also read our FAQ and risk disclaimer.


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You would like to get more information?

We have summarised all information for you to download and print at home:


Download brochure


For more information please contact our customer service.

From seedlings to forests

Employee at the tree nursery
Tree nursery, Finca Santa Cruz
Amarillo, Finca Madera Fina
Mixed forest, finca Los Monos
Mixed forest, finca Los Monos
Aerial view, finca Los Monos
Aerial view, finca Los Monos
Harvest, finca Santa Cruz
Harvest, finca Santa Cruz
Planting a seedling
Planting a seedling





The trees in your forest

A is for Acacia - Z is for Zapatero: our tree encyclopaedia provides information on which trees we plant in which project area and also which characteristics the planted tree species bear.


Discover our tree encyclopaedia

Your benefit – for your bank account, the climate and nature

Who is the ForestSavingsPlan designed for? 

It is an ecological investment for everyone who wants to invest in a green future and in climate protection. Anyone who has always wanted to buy forest can use this direct investment to invest in ecologically managed mixed forests and benefit from the returns.

The ForestSavingsPlan is not only a meaningful investment for your bank account, but also for an ecological, liveable future.



Why invest in forests and trees?

The advantages of an investment in the ForestSavingsPlan include the growing demand for certified, guaranteed ecologically cultivated precious woods. Worldwide, there are less and less natural forest areas and the pressure on still existing natural forests, especially tropical rainforests, has increased massively. Timber from sustainably managed forests can meet this demand without further endangering natural forests – and is thus becoming increasingly valuable. 

Assuming a normal course of events, we forecast a return of up to 4.6 per cent (IRR*). You can read more about our calculations in our brochure. Our reforestations are certified, sustainably managed and are designed to become permanent, near-natural forests – and this is how nature and the climate also benefit.






Why is this tree investment sustainable and fair?

  • New mixed forest is created and provides habitats for many different animal and plant species
  • Tropical precious woods from sustainably certified forestry can reduce the pressure on natural forests (or rainforests)
  • No monoculture: high species diversity through mixed forest concept with predominantly native tree species leads to increased biodiversity
  • Creation of permanent jobs in rural regions of Panama with fair payment and social benefits
  • Qualification and further training of employees on a high level, thus improved life perspectives

A detailed description of the opportunities and risks of this investment can be found in our brochure.

Satisfied customers

25 years of experience in reforestation projects, ten years in agroforestry systems and more than 23,000 people who have already invested with us – we thank you for your trust!






tree nursery, Panama

A win-win investment for everyone!

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