Investing in fine timber by giving life to forests


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Direct investment in ecological reforestation

The beginning of your own forest

Investments starting at 3,250 euros

Do good by saving forests


As a ForestSaver you invest in your personal forest in Panama. This does not only benefit you and the environment, but also the people living and working on site. A sustainable investment in the renewable raw material wood starts at 3,250 euros.

Instead of a monoculture, a species-rich mixed forest with mostly native tropical tree species comes into existence that generates revenues from the sale of certified timber.


We are building forest – join us!




This is how your sustainable investment works:

You decide how much forest you want to build with us.


Please note: numbers and percentages (decimal points) are displayed according to the German way of writing.


The ForestSavingsPlan is an investment in the ecological reforestation of former pasture land in Panama. An investment in your own forest starts at 3,250 euros for 0.1 hectares. In exchange, we sustainably tend and manage your forest until the harvest after prospectively 25 years.

The ForestSavingsPlan combines ecological reforestation and, thus, the creation of new mixed forests, with sustainable revenues for the ForestSaver.
Thinnings and payouts from the sale of timber are to be expected between the years 10 to 13, 15 to 19 and 22 to 25.

Your ForestSavingsPlan contract consists of two contract parts: a property lease contract and a forestry service contract. The forecast revenue for
0.1 hectares of forest amounts to 13,960 euros. This equals a return of approximately six per cent (IRR*, normal investment development).


For detailed information please see our ForestSavingsPlan brochure.






Panama from above: find out more about the ForestFinance finca Punuloso in this video (2016).

*IRR (Internal Rate of Return) is a method of dynamic investment calculation which is used to calculate the average annual return.

Please also read our FAQ and our risk disclaimer.

From seedlings to forests

Tree nursery employee
Tree nursery, finca Santa Cruz
Amarillo tree
Amarillo tree, finca Madera Fina
Harvest, finca Santa Cruz
Harvest, finca Santa Cruz
Aerial shot, finca Los Monos
Aerial shot, finca Los Monos
Employee with seedling
Planting seedlings
Mixed forest, finca Los Monos
Mixed forest, finca Los Monos

ForestSavingsPlan: ecological and social benefits

  • Newly planted mixed forests create habitats for animals and plants
  • No monocultures: instead, mixed forests with a high diversity of native tree species
  • Forests work as a water filter and water reservoir
  • Positive influence on the local and global climate
  • Creating permanent jobs in rural regions of Panama
  • Education and training of the employees on a high level resulting in improved living perspectives
  • Wages and fringe benefits above average

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A win-win investment for everyone!

Create forests with ForestFinance

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