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A sustainable investment for small budget investors

Ecological reforestation in Panama

Protect the climate – do good

A sustainable investment or a perfect gift – become a TreeSaver now!


When investing in a TreeSavingsPlan, it is your decision how much fallow land in Panama will be turned into a forest for you by us. With every tree that we plant for you, you create precious habitats for plants and animals. Moreover, your investment allows people to earn their livelihoods under fair conditions in a region where jobs are rare.


We are building forests – join us!






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We plant approximately twelve, mainly native trees on an area of 125 square metres. We care for your mixed forest that is planted for your investment in Panama and selectively harvest the precious woods without clear-cutting after 25 years, so that a near-natural forest is preserved! The proceeds from the timber sale are then transferred to the bank account as indicated by you.



Please also read our FAQ and risk disclaimer.

Find out more about sustainable reforestation of mixed forests and processing of precious woods at ForestFinance.

Forest investment with the TreeSavingsPlan


The TreeSavingsPlan is the ideal investment for small investors and all those who want to make sustainable savings for the future. With our alternative investment, you make forest from fallow, denatured land in Panama and receive the proceeds from the sale of the timber after harvesting. TreeSavers work together with us to maintain forests and receive a return of up to 4.6 percent (IRR*) – assuming normal progress. 

You decide how much forest you want to grow and how much you want to get – our TreeSavingsPlan is available in three sizes from 125 square metres.

An investment in your own forest is starting at 38 Euro per month!

The TreeSavingsPlan can be paid in monthly instalments or you can choose a single payment, which will save you the most and give you the most benefits.




*IRR (Internal Rate of Return) is a dynamic investment calculation procedure that allows the calculation of an average annual return.

Prices & forecasts

If you decide to pay in instalments, the more land you have reforested by us, the more you save. It will be even cheaper for you if you choose the single payment. Depending on the payment method and size of the area, a total return of up to 307 percent is forecast. There are no guarantees for these forecasts, as we work hand in hand with nature, which can present one or the other natural risk.

Your personal tree-investment binds CO2

See for yourself how much your TreeSavingsPlan can do for people and the climate!




The TreeSavingsPlan – explained step by step




If there are no more open questions, write to us and we will send you the contract documents. You can either sign the TreeSavingsPlan for yourself or give it as a gift.



You decide how much forest you want to build with us. The TreeSavingsPlan is available in three sizes: 125, 250 or 375 square metres. Invest in sustainable reforestation with predominantly native tree species on one of our areas in Panama. The TreeSavingsPlan is available from an installment payment of 38 euros - or in a single payment of 398 euros.

Over the next years, we will care for your trees and we will keep you up to date: We regularly report on the growth of your trees and our activities, for example in reports, our newsletter or in your personalised customer area.

After about 25 years, your trees are selectively harvested – without clear cutting, of course, so that a near-natural forest remains. We transfer the income from the marketing of the wood to the account you have given us.


For more information please also read our FAQ and risk disclaimer.

You would like to get more information?

We have summarised all information in a factsheet for you to download and print out at home:

Factsheet for download




Your profit – for your account, climate and nature

Who is the TreeSavingsPlan designed for?

The TreeSavingsPlan is the ideal investment for everyone who wants to save for a green future and for climate protection: whether for small investors and beginners, as a gift for a christening or birth and for families who want to save for children or grandchildren. The TreeSavingsPlan is not only a meaningful investment for your account, but also for an ecological future worth living.

Why invest in forests and trees?

The benefits of our TreeSavingsPlan also lie in the growing demand for wood as a raw material. There is less and less forest land and already today the demand for wood far exceeds the supply. In normal circumstances, we forecast a return of up to 4.6 percent (IRR*). Our reforestations are certified, sustainably managed and are designed to become lasting, near-natural forests – this is how nature and the climate also benefit. 

Why is this tree investment sustainable and fair?

  • New mixed forest is created and provides habitats for many different animal and plant species
  • Tropical precious woods from sustainably certified forestry can reduce the pressure on natural forests (or rainforests)
  • No monoculture: high species diversity through mixed forest concept with predominantly native tree species leads to increased biodiversity
  • Creation of permanent jobs in rural regions of Panama with fair payment and social benefits
  • Qualification and further training of employees on a high level, thus improved life perspectives

From seedlings to forests

Forest path, finca Madera Fina
Forest path, finca Madera Fina
employee at tree nursery
Amarillo planting bed, tree nursery La Luna
Mixed forest, finca Los Monos
Mixed forest, finca Los Monos
Tending of seedlings
Tending of seedlings, finca Santa Cruz
Mixed forest, finca La Luna
Mixed forest, finca La Luna
Tree nursery, Las Lajas
Tree nursery, Las Lajas

Satisfied customers

25 years of experience in reforestation projects, ten years in agroforestry systems and more than 22,000 people who have already invested with us – we thank you for your trust!






tree nursery, Panama

A win-win investment for everyone!

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