The gift that gives back

A sustainable gift for 59 euros

With individual gift certificate – also available with premium gift box

Your revenue: approx. 230 euros (normal development)

A tree creating forests and joy


For just 59 euros, you acquire or give a precious tropical tree that is part of a growing tropical forest in Panama to the loved one of your choice.

Unlike mere caritative tree adoptions based on donations, the GiftTree can do more: a GiftTree protects the climate, creates new habitats for plants and animals and improves the social conditions in rural regions of Panama. Moreover, it generates a revenue for you or the presentee.


We are building forests – join us!




This is how your sustainable investment works:

For just 59 euros, you acquire a precious tropical tree that we plant for you on a sustainably managed area in Panama and tend until the final harvest after 25 years.

What makes the GiftTree special is that we harvest without clear-cutting. Thus, a permanent, new tropical mixed forest comes into existence.

The forecast revenue for your special GiftTree amounts to approximately 230 euros. This equals a return of approximately 5.6 per cent (normal development).

Please also read our risk disclaimer and our FAQ.



A growing gift

Whether it be for Christmas, baptisms, or birthdays, the GiftTree makes the perfect gift. It is an individual present with a long-term effect. Instead of giving money you give a moneytree creating habitats for plants and animals with an individual gift certificate for the tree owner.

For an additional payment of eight euros, you can also give a key chain made of tulip wood in a premium wooden gift box. A sustainable money present that grows with you.

GiftTree: ecological and social benefits

  • You purchase a gift representing environmental protection and social fairness
  • A perfect gift for birth or baptism that grows with the presentee
  • The GiftTree grows in a guaranteed sustainably managed forest
  • Positive impact on the local and global climate
  • The presentee receives a revenue of approximately 230 euros (normal development)


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Make a difference and reap the benefits, too.

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