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Your own tree in an ecological mixed forest

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A sustainable gift for 59 euros

A tree creating forests and joy


For just 59 euros you acquire or give a precious tropical tree that is part of a growing tropical forest in Panama to the loved one of your choice.

Unlike mere charitable tree adoptions based on donations, the GiftTree can do more: a GiftTree protects the climate, creates new habitats for plants and animals and improves the social conditions in rural regions of Panama. Moreover, it generates revenue for you or the presentee.


We are building forests – join us!




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1. We plant your GiftTree in a sustainably managed mixed forest. 2. The tree is carefully tended and cared for. 3. The final harvest takes place after 25 years and the proceeds are paid out to you or the presentee. 4. We harvest without clear-cutting. Thus, a permanent, new tropical mixed forest comes into existence and creates habitats for many species.



This is how your sustainable investment works:

  • For just 59 euros you acquire a precious tropical tree that we plant for you on a sustainably managed area in Panama and tend until the final harvest after 25 years.
  • What makes the GiftTree special is that we harvest without clear-cutting. Thus, a permanent, new tropical mixed forest comes into existence.
  • The forecast revenue for your special GiftTree amounts to approximately 155 euros. This equals a return of approximately 4 per cent (normal development).

Please also read our risk disclaimer and our FAQ.


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For detailed information please see our GiftTree brochure.

Find out more about sustainable reforestation of mixed forests and processing of precious woods at ForestFinance.



GiftTree: ecological and social benefits

Whether it be for Christmas, baptisms, or birthdays, the GiftTree makes the perfect gift. It is an individual present with a long-term effect, a gift representing environmental protection and social fairness and creating habitats for plants and animals. The GiftTree grows in a guaranteed sustainably managed forest which has a positive impact on the local and global climate. 

Together we can make the world a bit greener: your GiftTree* will be delivered with an individual gift certificate for the tree owner.

A sustainable money present that grows with you.


Learn more about forests and people at ForestFinance

Learn more about our investment location in Panama

*While stock lasts. 1,690 GiftTrees available in 2021.
The GiftTree is shipped in an orange envelope and contains no additional gift wrapping. Please note that the flower seeds are currently not available.





Your GiftTree set.

palm tree

Make a difference and reap the benefits, too.

We are building forests – join us!

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