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TreeSavingsPlan: a green idea with a history

Investing in trees - and doing so on a small budget: that was the idea behind the TreeSavingsPlan.

When it was created in 2003, it was still a real speciality. The concept: for each TreeSavingsPlan concluded, ForestFinance reforests fallow and pasture land in Panama with various native tree species and maintains these over a period of 25 years.

The trees are then selectively harvested - without clear cutting of course, so that a near-natural forest remains. The proceeds from the marketing of the wood are then paid out to our TreeSavers. With approximately 12 trees per TreeSavingsPlan, even small investors were able to make a sensible investment with a sustainable impact.

Since then, almost 10,000 TreeSavers have placed their trust in us - and together we have created valuable habitats for animals and plants, as well as fairly paid jobs in a region where these are rare. 






Direct investments and conservation projects for the environment, climate and species protection


Established 25 years ago, ForestFinance offers sustainable investments for small as well as large budgets. More than 23,000 people have already invested with the ForestFinance Group - together we pursue the goal of combining return and positive impact through sustainable investments. Here you can find an overview of our current products.

Together we create sustainable agriculture and forestry - join us! 

Your benefit – for your bank account, the climate and nature

Who are products such as the TreeSavingsPlan designed for?

The TreeSavingsPlan is the ideal investment for everyone who wants to invest in a green future and climate protection: whether it be for small investors and beginners, as a gift for a christening or birth and for families who want to save for children or grandchildren. The TreeSavingsPlan is not only a meaningful investment for your bank account, but also for an ecological future worth living.

Why invest in forests and trees?

The advantages of an investment such as our TreeSavingsPlan lie in the growing demand for the raw material wood. Every day primeval forests are cut down to meet this demand. Our reforestations offer an alternative and are also created to protect the remaining primeval forests from deforestation. Our reforestations are certified, sustainably managed and designed to become permanent and long-term natural forests - which benefits nature and the climate.

Why is this tree investment sustainable and fair?

  • New mixed forest is created and provides habitats for many different animal and plant species
  • Tropical precious woods from sustainably certified forestry can reduce the pressure on natural forests (or rainforests)
  • No monoculture: high species diversity through mixed forest concept with predominantly native tree species leads to increased biodiversity
  • Creation of permanent jobs in rural regions of Panama with fair payment and social benefits
  • Qualification and further training of employees on a high level, thus improved life perspectives

Satisfied customers

25 years of experience in reforestation projects, ten years in agroforestry systems and more than 23,000 people who have already invested with us – we thank you for your trust!






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A win-win investment for everyone!

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