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Your ChocolateTree sponsorship in Panama

A meaningful gift - and sweet on top!


With the ChocolateTree "SchokoBaum" you give away a cocoa tree sponsorship in Panama& five bars of the finest fine chocolate. You can order conveniently online for 40 euros.


Your ChocolateTree grows on one of our sustainably managed cocoa fincas. In return for sponsoring a cocoa tree, you will receive five bars of fine chocolate and a tree certificate.

The chocolates are handmade from 100 percent ForestFinance cocoa. With each ChocolateTree you get to taste: five bars of finest chocolate handmade from certified cocoa.

You can now easily print out your personal cocoa tree certificate at home.


Special Edition GEMEINSAM STARK ("Together we are strong")

From now on, every ChocolateTree you buy will also support a girls' home in Rwanda. Because together we are strong!


We are building forests – join us!


From tree to bar: single origin chocolate

1. Your ChocolateTree grows in our sustainably managed cocoa forest in Panama. 2. The cococa trees are carefully cared for until the harvest. 3. The cocoa beans are then fermented and dried in our cocoa processing facility. 4. Finally, the fine cocoa beans are brought to our partner chocolate manufacturers who create deliciously fine chocolates.



Your ChocolateTree and its benefits

  • Five bars of chocolate made from sustainable cocoa, handmade in Germany in the Georgia Ramon chocolate factory
  • A tree certificate with the GPS data of the finca where your sponsored cocoa tree grows
  • A donation of 2 Euros for a girls' home in Rwanda.
  • A last-minute gift: print your certificate after order process
  • Your ChocolateTree grows in a guaranteed sustainably managed cocoa forest
  • Your sponsorship stands for environmental protection and guarantees permanent and fair jobs in rural regions


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Individual ChocolateTree certificate and chocolate made from fine cocoa

Sustainable and truly socially fair

ForestFinance cocoa does not grow in plantations, but in a real forest, together with various trees and plants. The mixed culture is crucial for the high quality of our cocoa, which you can smell, see and taste. Your cocoa tree is sustainably cultivated, from the planting until the cocoa harvest.

With your ChocolateTree you help creating fair jobs with above-average income in rural regions of Panama. We guarantee that the children of our employees go to school instead of working on cocoa plantations like so many others.


Learn more about our project locations

ForestFinance cocoa projects

We ship our chocolate at temperatures below 24 degrees Celsius. Therefore, we ask you for a little patience if the weather conditions do not allow an early delivery. You can print out your certificate at home while you are waiting.



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Make a difference and reap the benefits, too.

We are building forests – join us!

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