GreenAcacia Morichales

From savannah to acacia forests

Transforming monocultures into mixed forests

Short contract term of seven years

Investment starting at 2,125 euros

Investing in sustainability with a proven forestry concept


Your investment in GreenAcacia Morichales means investing in an existing Acacia mangium plantation in Colombia which has already been established in 2012 and, in the long term, transforming this monoculture plantation into a mixed forest. With your investment you help create a biodiverse environment and habitats for many animals and plants, which also has a positive impact on the global climate. Moreover, you contribute to securing permanent and fair jobs in rural regions of Colombia.

An investment in ecological reforestation is available from 2,125 euros.



We are building forests – join us!


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This is how your sustainable investment works:

You decide how much acacia forest you want to build with us.


Please note: numbers and percentages (decimal points) are displayed according to the German way of writing.

Investing in acacia forest plantations

Your investment in GreenAcacia Morichales means investing in an already existing Acacia mangium plantation in Colombia, which was already afforested in 2012, with a contract term of only seven years. With the help of your investment, we transform the acacia forest plantations step by step into a permanent mixed forest consisting of mainly native tree species. After the harvest, the timber is traded regionally as biomass and construction wood. The wood of the Acacia mangium tree is hard, robust and versatile and therefore in high demand.


Your GreenAcacia Morichales contract consists of two parts: a property lease contract and a forestry service contract. The forecast revenue for one hectare of GreenAcacia Morichales amounts to about 12,000 euros. This equals a return of approximately 5.6 per cent (IRR*). The expected harvest yield is 220 cubic metres with biomass accounting for 65 per cent (price per cubic metre approx. 30 euros) and timber accounting for 35 per cent (price per cubic metre approx. 137 euros).

In our customer area we provide annual reports on the main developments of your forests, including issues such as growth, maintenance, pest control as well as harvest and sales of the timber.




Colombia from above: find out more about ForestFinance project areas in this video (2016).


Our calculations are based on future assumptions, especially on subjective goals regarding future harvest and price developments for biomass and timber.

For detailed information please see our GreenAcacia Morichales brochure.



Limited amount

The limited amount of twelve hectares of GreenAcacia Morichales is located in this area in Vichada, Colombia (see map on the right).

Please also read FAQ and our risk disclaimer.

*IRR (Internal Rate of Return) is a method of dynamic investment calculation which is used to calculate the average annual return.

Acacia mangium growth of the Morichales area afforested in 2012

In June 2016, about four years after the planting of the acacia trees, the first measurements on the forest area “Morichales” showed good results regarding height of trees and timber volume. Compared to similar plantings, the timber volume was within a good range, the height of the trees even exceeded comparable figures. New measurements are scheduled for October 2018. Our investors will find the latest results in our growth and activity reports.

Our acacia forest plantations in Colombia

Acacia forest, Colombia
Acacia forest, Colombia

Richard Focken, CEO within the ForestFinance Group, GreenAcacia plantation
Acacia forests from above
Acacia forests from above

White-tailed deer
White-tailed deer between acacia trees
Acacia forests from above
Acacia forests from above
Acacia trees, finca La Paz
Acacia trees, finca La Paz

GreenAcacia Morichales: ecological and social benefits

  • The transformation of monocultures into mixed forests promotes biodiversity and creates habitats for animals and plants
  • Forests work as a water filter and water reservoir
  • Positive influence on the local and global climate
  • Creating permanent jobs in rural regions of Colombia
  • Education and training of the employees on a high level resulting in improved living perspectives
  • Wages and fringe benefits above average


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A win-win investment for everyone!

Investment in ecological reforestation




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