Transforming Acacia forests into species-rich forests

Investment in ecological reforestation

Early payouts and a contract term of only twelve years

Investments starting at 2,625 euros

Investing in sustainability with a proven forestry concept


Your investment in GreenAcacia means investing in an existing Acacia mangium forest in Colombia. Thus, harvests may possibly begin already in the third year of your investment. Investments in an acacia forest in Colombia start at 2,625 euros.

You benefit from the short contract term of only twelve years and create permanent and fair jobs in rural regions of Colombia.


We are building forests – join us!




GreenAcacia at a glance

Contract term
12 years
from € 2,625
from 0.25 ha
Return forecast
€ 4,990, approx. 6 % (IRR*)
prospectively after year 3, 5, 7, 9 and 12
Forestry concept
conversion into mixed forest

This is how your sustainable investment works:

An investment in an already planted acacia forest in Colombia starts at
2,625 euros
for an area of 0.25 hectares. In exchange, we care for your acacia forest for approximately twelve years until the timber is harvested. With the help of your investment, we transform the acacia forests step by step into a permanent mixed forest consisting of mainly native tree species.

After the harvest, the timber is traded regionally as biomass and construction wood. The wood of the Acacia mangium tree is hard, robust and versatile and therefore in high demand.

Your GreenAcacia contract consists of two parts: a property lease contract and a forestry service contract. The forecast return for 0.25 hectares GreenAcacia amounts to about 4,988 euros. This equals a return of approximately
six percent
(IRR*, normal investment development).


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*IRR (Internal Rate of Return) is a method of dynamic investment calculation which is used to calculate the average annual return.

Benefiting your bank account and nature

Our special offer for you: if you invest in more than 0.25 hectare of GreenAcacia forest, you get a price discount.


Area Price  Forecast revenue
0.25 ha  € 2,625   € 4,988
0.50 ha  € 5,125   € 9,975
0.75 ha  € 7,575  € 14,963
1.00 ha  € 9,950   € 19,950
2.00 ha  € 19,900   € 39,900
3.00 ha  € 29,850   € 59,850

GreenAcacia: ecological and social benefits

  • The transformation of monocultures into mixed forests promotes biodiversity and creates habitats for animals and plants
  • Forests work as a water filter and water reservoir
  • Positive influence on the local and global climate
  • Creation of permanent jobs in rural regions of Colombia
  • Education and training of the employees on a high level resulting in improved living perspectives
  • Wages and fringe benefits above average


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Our project areas from above

Explore our acacia reforestation areas in Vichada, Colombia, from above.


A win-win investment for everyone!

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  • Investment in ecological reforestation
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  • Investments starting at 2,625 euros

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