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A sustainable gift: rainforest preservation

Rainforests everywhere are threatened and need your help! Whether it be for yourself or as a sustainable gift with a personal certificate: together with us and for only 10 euros you can protect 10 square metres of this precious rainforest for half a century. Your commitment helps to preserve forests, the environment and the climate for the future.

The ProtectionForest “WaldSchützer" is also a perfect last-minute gift! You can easily print out your personal protection certificate at home.

Rainforest as a sustainable last-minute gift with digital certificate

Your ProtectionForest certificate

The benefits of your ProtectionForest

  • Protect 10 m² of rainforest for 10 euros – or more
  • Personal digital certificate for your ProtectionForest - a sensible last-minute gift: print your certificate after order process
  • Protect precious forest areas for at least 50 years against cultivation, deforestation and natural risks
  • Bind harmful CO2 emissions 
  • Set an example for climate and species protection 


How much CO2 does the ProtectionForest bind?

The ProtectionForest covers an area of about one hundred hectares, which equals 140 football fields. One hectare of this rainforest binds some 188,600 kilograms of CO2; the same amount one German citizen produces in 20 years, on average.

See for yourself how much our ProtectionForest contributes to the protection of people and the climate:

Please note: numbers and percentages (decimal points) are displayed according to the German way of writing.

Interactive map of your ProtectionForest

Simply select the ProtectionForest on our interactive map and discover the precious rainforest up close - with just one click!

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The ProtectionForest – a green treasure chest

Numerous rare species …

… live in our forest, which was classified as a “high conservation value forest” in reports on biodiversity and which is also home to many endangered species. The forest is filled with numerous rare reptile, amphibian and bird species as well as capuchin monkeys, sloths and ocelots. It is no surprise the ProtectionForest is called “Los Monos”: the name literally translates to “the monkeys”.

Water and soil …

… cannot properly thrive without forests. Not only do forests contribute to climate protection, the strong rooting of the forest soil also prevents erosion and benefits the water balance and ground water.

People and forests …

… are brought together at our nature trail. In 2010, we built this educational nature trail together with local pupils. Small wooden bridges cross clear streams, passing lianas and huge primeval trees. Different signs tell interesting facts about native species and forest ecology. 


Corporate climate protection 

Would you like to protect even more rainforest as a company? Perhaps you have a special request regarding your individual certificate or circle of recipients? With the service we provide we can help you and your colleagues set an example for climate protection.


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