Reaping fine cocoa while protecting rainforest

The fair investment with ongoing revenues

Payouts are possible from year six

Set an example for rainforest conservation and advocate against child labour

Investing in sustainable cocoa cultivation

PureCocoa is a sustainable investment in an agroforestry system for the production of fine cocoa in Peru combined with rainforest protection in Panama. An investment in sustainable cocoa cultivation starts at 3,250 euros.

You will benefit from the revenues generated from the production of fine cocoa and receive regular payouts from the cocoa sale prospectively from year six on.


We are building forests – join us!





Pure Cocoa at a glance

Contract term
25 years
from € 3,250
from 0.1 ha
Return forecast
€ 7,735, approx. 6 % (IRR*)
annually possibly from year 6
Forestry concept
cocoa cultivation & rainforest protection

This is how your sustainable investment works:

An investment in a cocoa forest starts at 3,250 euros. For your investment, we plant high-quality fine cocoa for you on an area of
800 square metres in Peru and protect 200 square metres of precious primary forest in Panama for at least 50 years. Your cocoa forest in Peru is sustainably tended and managed by us for the contract term of prospectively 25 years.

In ForestFinance cocoa forests, high-quality cocoa varieties are cultivated and harvested while adhering to the highest social standards – guaranteed to be void of any child labour. You also enable the protection of rare plants and animals in a precious primary forest in Bocas del Toro, Panama.

Your PureCocoa contract consists of two contract parts: a property lease contract and a forestry service contract. The forecast revenue for 0.1 hectares of cocoa forest amounts to 7,735 euros. This equals a return of approximately six percent (IRR*, normal investment development).


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Please also read our FAQ and our risk disclaimer.

*IRR (Internal Rate of Return) is a method of dynamic investment calculation which is used to calculate the average annual return.

Benefiting your bank account and nature

Our special offer for you: if you invest in more than 0.1 hectares of PureCocoa forest, you get a price discount.

Regardless of the area size chosen by you, the area always consists of
80 percent cocoa area in Peru and 20 percent protective forest area in Panama.

Area Price  Forecast revenue
0.1 ha  € 3,250   € 7,735
0.2 ha  € 6,450   € 15,470
0.3 ha  € 9,625  € 23,205
0.4 ha  € 12,775   € 30,940
0.5 ha  € 15,900   € 38,675
0.6 ha  € 18,975   € 46,410
0.7 ha  € 22,025   € 54,145
0.8 ha  € 25,050      € 61,880 
0.9 ha  € 28,050      € 69,615 
1.0 ha  € 31,000  € 77,350 

PureCocoa: ecological and social benefits

  • Creation of permanent jobs in Panama and Peru
  • Education and training of the employees on a high level resulting in improved living perspectives
  • With your investment, you set an example for rainforest conservation andadvocate against child labour
  • The fine cocoa grows in a forest instead of a plantation
  • The cocoa forest creates precious habitats for many animals
  • Positive influence on the local and global climate
  • In addition to your investment payouts, you will receive a certificate, designating you as an active rainforest conservationist

> Learn more about forests and people at ForestFinance

> Learn more about our investment location in Peru


A win-win investment for everyone!

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